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Bathrooms in Ipswich and Suffolk

Just like every room in your home, your bathroom is an opportunity. From a blank canvas upon which you may indent your personal tastes, to a room that offers unique, stylish and homely practicality; delivering modern luxury and aptitude to your living space. Here at Splash Lifestyle, we’re passionate about creating beautiful, quality bathrooms, designed with precision and to your exact requirements. Working closely with our clients, we strive to bring the bathroom you’ve always pictured, from your imagination into reality, but how do we achieve this?

Luxury Bathroom Builds

First and foremost, we sit down with you to discuss your needs. Just like the people who reside within their walls, every home is different, and what you may require in terms of functionality and design will differ too. We ensure we know exactly what it is you’re looking for, help you come to a conclusion on style utilizing our years of experience and design expertise, before measuring your space and proceeding to create a plan tailored to you. We build a 3D image to show you just how your new bathroom will look, before carrying out the highest standard of work, taking care to ensure your build is everything you dreamed and more.

A Commitment to You

Our commitment to our customers isn’t limited to the bespoke nature and quality of the bathroom builds we supply. We know how difficult it can be to explain your vision, to work out exactly what you need, or to simply find a company who’re approachable. Our service is designed to ensure our team are friendly and supremely knowledgeable, able to offer expert advice, and follow instructions to the letter. We’re proud of our dedication to the highest standard of customer service, so why not give us a call today and find out how we can help!

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