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3 Easy Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

3 Easy Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Most people really love spending time in the bathroom; whether it’s putting on makeup, lavishing in bubble baths, or luxuriating beneath hot showers. It’s a special environment, because it’s a place where we both unwind at the end of the day and get ready for a brand new one. So, what happens if your bathroom doesn’t really feel special?

For instance, what if you struggle for space in your bathroom and can’t figure out how to emphasise its best qualities? It’s a problem that lots of homeowners have, because we’re not all blessed with sprawling houses. The good news is that cleverly designed bathrooms in Ipswich can transform the tiniest of spaces into a bright, modern, and attractive haven.

This guide to some of the niftiest bathroom design tricks will help you start your remodelling journey on the right foot.

<h2>Picking the Right Colour Palette</h2>

This is one of the oldest design hacks in the book. While shopping for high quality bathrooms in Ipswich, pick out features and accessories that suit your chosen colour palette. In very small bathrooms, this palette should always be kept light, airy, and soft. Steer clear of dark blues, greys, and bright tones like red, because they will visually shrink the room.

Instead, opt for lots of whites, creams, and pale greys. If you’re itching to introduce some bolder accent colours – because let’s be honest, white isn’t very exciting – limit their use to splashes of colour. For example, a really bright shade like red or orange could work, but it would need to be a pop of colour in a few accent tiles, a skirting board, or cabinet door handles.

<h2>Invest in Minimalistic Lighting</h2>

In many ways, lighting is just as important as the colour palette. The trick to visually expanding a poky bathroom, with the use of lighting, is to opt for fixtures that provide a lot of illumination, but a minimum of decoration. Bulky, low hanging shades are the enemy of small spaces, so look for clean and ‘concealed’ can light, spotlights, and sconces.

This kind of lighting accessory strips back the bulky details and offers task lighting that is super practical, without also taking up lots of space. It could be useful to shop for vanity cabinets and mirrors that have integrated lighting too, particularly if you’re really pushed for room or there is no window in your bathroom to let natural light in.

<h2>Shop Smarter, Not Harder</h2>

These days, there are bathrooms in Ipswich to suit all kinds of budget, family, and household. If you are hoping to make the most of a restricted space, make the job easier by checking out products and accessories specifically designed for this purpose. For instance, custom and bespoke designs enable homeowners to integrate storage solutions with key features.

So, you could add secure, stylish overhead storage above your bath or shower. You could create an inbuilt cabinet or racking system around the base of your sink. The possibilities are endless with custom bathrooms in Ipswich, so head down to a showroom and browse the suites and options on offer. In fact, showrooms are a great place to start hunting for designs, because they’re filled with knowledge experts who can offer valuable advice.

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