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5 Design Blunders to Avoid If You Want to Create the Perfect Bathroom

Whether you’re planning to design a completely new bathroom or you just want to give the one you have an upgrade, the key to success is preparation. Efficient, valuable bathroom renovations depend on clear ideas and a good understanding of family needs. So, when shopping for beautiful bathrooms in Ipswich, be vocal about your vision for the space.

If your renovation is extensive, it is a good idea to find an ‘all in one’ provider; a company that offers seamless, integrated bathroom designs. That way, you can pick cabinets, flooring materials, tiles, and bathing suites which are compatible both functionally and aesthetically. Just remember that upgrading a bathroom does present challenges, so it is important to have a plan before you start chopping and changing.

Keep reading for tips and advice on how to avoid the most common bathroom design blunders.

Estimating the Measurements

You cannot renovate a bathroom in a casual manner. If you’re installing new appliances, you need to take accurate measurements and make sure that they’ll fit. Write down the dimensions of the space and take notes with you when shopping for bathrooms in Ipswich. They will help you narrow down the choices and scale your designs correctly.

Using Oversized Fixtures

If your bathroom is on the small side, the last thing that you want to do is ignore this and stuff it full of furniture and accessories. You can create the illusion of space easily enough, but there’s got to be room for the layout and décor to breathe. When working with a tight space, opt for overhead cabinets, slimline tubs, combi showers, and narrow dressers.

Forgetting Your Needs

The secret to designing a beautiful bathroom is to understand that it can be more than just a functional space. If you shape it to your needs, you’ll create an environment which is stylish and comfortable. For instance, if you’re a bathtub lounger, who likes nothing more than a long soak in the tub, think about mood lighting and where you’re going to put all of your relaxation products. If you need a fresh, vibrant place to get ready in the morning, invest in a powerful showerhead and make room for natural light.

Tiling from the Outside

When laying floor tiles, be they vinyl, porcelain, or ceramic, make sure that you start in the right place. It is much harder to correct mistakes in the centre of the room than it is around the perimeter, so work outwards from a central point. Even tough materials like ceramic can be modified and reshaped to fit if necessary, but you do want half tiles and cut offs to restricted to the less visible areas. If you’re unsure how to lay floor tiles, it is always best to ask a professional company for help.

Skimping On Storage

Even the smallest bathrooms should have plenty of storage solutions. If you’re short on space, think vertically. Overhead cabinets and shelves are highly effective, because they don’t use up any of that precious floor space. Open shelves and narrow (as opposed to wide) cabinets are the best choice, because they don’t create as many visual partitions. Your aim should be to maintain a sense of fluidity in a small bathroom.

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