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Amazing Bathroom Tile Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

We’ve all fancied ourselves as amateur interior designers at some point, but there are some areas of the home that can feel a little trickier to master than others. The bathroom, for example, is a space that most homeowners care deeply about. They want it to express their personality and to be an inviting, nurturing environment.

Yet, it isn’t like buying a new sofa or picking out colourful area rugs. It comes with its own unique set of rules. There are all sorts of questions to be answered. Are bright colours okay in a bathroom? Should tiles extend up to the ceiling or stop halfway? What kind of storage is best? Can a small bathroom ever feel relaxing?

Fortunately, these questions are simpler than many homeowners realise and designing a bathroom is a fun, creative, and rewarding process. This is especially true if you spend time shopping for complementing tiles with a bathroom design in Ipswich – here are some cool ideas that you can use.

Apply Contrasting Grout

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make your bathroom tiles pop is to use a grout that contrasts with their colour. This really is as easy as it sounds. The classic example is black and white or vice versa; if you use grout in the opposite colour, your tiles will stand out more and make a dramatic impact. And, the best thing about this technique is that it doesn’t involve any major remodelling. All you have to do is find a tile colour that you love and put them up.

Get Bold with Shape and Form

A little creativity goes a long way in a bathroom and you don’t have to settle for the standard rectangular tile formation. For something a little different, why not invest in a variety of different shapes and then put them together like a jigsaw? The effect will be edgy, striking, and very modern. You can also cheat your way to this particular look by buying longer, less square tiles, and arranging them in the same way; subway tiles are great for this.

Experiment with Patterns

Patterned bathroom tiles are all the rage right now as well, because they offer an alternative to plain, conventional choices. While most homeowners don’t decorate the entire space with patterned designs – this can make things look overly busy – an accent wall or a line of patterned tiles across one wall can look very stylish. The trick is to shop for complementing tiles with your bathroom design in Ipswich; that way, it will always look cool and cohesive.

If your bathroom is on the small side and you want to create the illusion of space, avoid dark colours. They will draw the room inwards and make it feel cramped and narrow. Stick to light, airy shades like white, pale grey, eggshell blue, lilac, and cream. If you’re determined to incorporate tones like black or dark grey, use them in splashes. For instance, you could have a row of black bathroom tiles along one wall or you could line a mirror or sink in black.

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