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Decluttering tips: Tidy kitchen, tidy mind

If you often find yourself strapped for room when preparing meals or just when trying to do anything in the kitchen, you may be in need of a declutter. As well as giving you more space and keeping the space tidy, you’ll feel better in yourself with a tidy kitchen to come home to, rather than a messy clutter of pots and pans which may not all be used. If you think its time for a declutter, have a read of our guide to help you get started.

The first step in getting rid of unnecessary things in the kitchen is as simple as asking yourself: ‘do I use this’. If your gut instinct is that you don’t really need something, chances are it can go. Try setting a timer when you do this as well to give a sense of urgency, so you don’t spend too long pondering over whether to keep something, and your time spent quickly getting through the clutter. Try setting either a half an hour timer for the whole job, or a couple of minutes for different things in the kitchen. On the flipside, try not to go too overboard with the decluttering – you may only use your rice cooker once a week, but it still makes cooking rice an easier task.

An easy way to approach this is to consider when you last used an item. If the answer is ‘never’, then its time to donate or throw away. If it’s ‘within the last year’, think about when you actually use it; you may find that you’re only using something around Christmas time, in which case it can be stored away with the decorations, saving space in the kitchen but keeping something that you know you’ll eventually use. If something has been used within the last week, or month, then it’s a keeper. Remember to be firm with your decluttering, but don’t go overboard with the essentials.

Next, go through your things and make sure you’ve not got unnecessary extras. You might be used to having four different wooden spoons, but do you really need them? Tupperware is another common offender in a cluttered kitchen. Get rid of any tubs that you can’t find the lid for, and you’ll quickly notice a difference – you can store most things in a clingfilm covered bowl or a freezer bag anyway. Another handy way to avoid doubling up and to save space is to make some items multipurpose. You could use a colander to steam vegetables, or your chopping board instead of a trivet.

Finally, don’t forget to make the most of all the space you have. The insides of cupboards can be fitted with shelves and racks to store spices and packets, and racks can be fitted to the walls and ceiling to hang pots and pans from.

However you go about decluttering your kitchen, at Splash Lifestyle we want it to your dream kitchen that you’re keeping organised. We supply beautiful kitchens throughout Ipswich and Suffolk, with a free measure and design service which means your perfect kitchen can be tailored just for your home. To get started with your new kitchen, give our friendly team a call on 01473 257575 or send us a message, or start with a browse of our kitchens online!

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