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Interior Inspiration: The 5 Biggest Kitchen Trends in Modern History

Every year, homeowners in Ipswich spend thousands on kitchen designs. In fact, this is the area of our homes which receives the most attention when it comes to renovations. It is because people like to hang out in this space, even if they’re not big on cooking. After all, the great thing about a kitchen is that provides a pretty versatile environment.

You don’t have to fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey to get a lot of value out of it. There are meals with the kids, dinner parties with friends, board games on the dining table, and baking sessions in the winter. Your kitchen is a safe, warm retreat and any future renovations should recognise that.

This guide to the biggest and best kitchen designs will help you incorporate some classic, evergreen features.

It’s All White Now

With so many creative kitchen designs on the market, it can often feel like white is a bit old hat. Yet, it’s one of the few style choices that can never really fall out of favour. Even when bold, bright tiles and busy floors are making waves, the colour remains crisp and classic.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, it is the most popular option for cabinets. This is, in part, because it’s easier to keep clean than something like stainless steel, which offers a similarly polished aesthetic.

Staying Neutral

Perhaps surprisingly, another muted tone joins white at the top of the list. It is grey, rather than a brighter shade, which most homeowners use to add extra dimension to bespoke kitchen designs. It can certainly look spectacular, but it isn’t always an easy feature to incorporate.

Ideally, it should be teamed with much warmer colours and materials. This is the reason why darker greys are so often paired with lighter wood cabinets and quartz counters. If your kitchen is sunny and bright, you can get away with more grey. If it’s darker, be a little more selective.

Slimline Appliances

Over the last decade, it has become much easier to source compact, efficient kitchen appliances in Ipswich. Small really is big these days. As our environmental responsibilities have grown, we’ve swapped clunky ovens and dishwashers for much leaner machines.

The change is also a result of the fact that homes are getting smaller. Millennials and even retirees are moving into space starved apartments in order to make their cash go further. They’re turning to compact, green appliances as a way to retain function and aesthetic.

Crazy for Quartz

There was a point when granite and quartz were equally popular. They became a part of thousands of Ipswich homes back when luxe finishes were the big thing. Now, quartz has left granite behind and become the number one choice for custom kitchen designs.

It is extremely tough and can survive chips, scratches, and even burns. Plus, faux granite worktops made out of quartz are more affordable than ever. So, you can have the best of both worlds; the durability of quartz and the luxury of granite.

Age Accessibility

While nobody wants to think about getting older and weaker, the reality is that you’ll find certain things harder to do as a senior citizen. With the population of the UK now aging at a rapid rate, it’s no surprise to see people incorporating accessible features into their kitchens.

We’re talking about elevated ovens, at counter height, so that less bending is required. Or, deeper drawers, instead of low down cupboards. The beauty of accessible kitchen designs is that they have the potential to help homeowners stay in their own properties for longer.

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