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How to Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen with Clever Design Ideas

We all have our own dreams and ambitions when it comes to interior design. And you don’t have to know anything specific about floorplans or kitchen layouts to know exactly what your ideal cooking environment looks like. With high quality kitchen designs in Ipswich, it is possible to create beautiful interior spaces, without breaking the bank.

The key to great kitchen design is to work smarter, not harder. Just as the aim of renovating smaller kitchens should be to fill the space with as much visual and practical value as possible, rather than making compromises for room. There are lots of different tips and tricks that can be used to introduce the illusion of space into a small kitchen.

This guide to making the most of your tiny kitchen will help you work out what needs to be done to get your cooking environment in tip top shape.

Consider an Open Plan Layout

One of the quickest ways to open up a kitchen and make it look twice as big is to remove most of the internal walls and doors. With an open floor plan, spaces tend to look bigger, because the eye can make its way across the living environment uninterrupted. Replace dividing walls with glass partitions or add an open breakfast bar or counter. That way, family members and guests can chat with you even if they are not in the kitchen.

Opt for Tall, Deep Cabinets

Opening up the kitchen and getting rid of walls is not a suitable strategy for everybody. However, most homeowners can afford to invest in deeper, taller kitchen cabinets. These are sometimes called ‘pantry’ or ‘utility’ cabinets and they are an alternative to the traditional overhead options. If you install a utility cabinet close to the entrance of the kitchen, you won’t have people racing back and forth, taking up space, every time that they need to set the dinner table or access glasses and plates.

Usher in Light and Warmth

If you keep taller cabinets at the back of the kitchen, close to the door (or entranceway, if you have an open plan space), you can eliminate the need for light obstructing overhead cabinets further forward. This is a great way to usher in light and do away with that cramped feeling that smaller kitchens often have. This is really key to making the most of small spaces; you need to fill them with light and they will open up and become much more inviting.

Invest in ‘Can’ Lighting

Can light fixtures are a great choice, because they are inexpensive and they are quite small, but they give out quite a lot of light. In lots of cases, they are also adjustable, so they can be positioned in a way which reduces shadow. You can do this by placing can lighting above countertops, across the key work areas (sink, stove, preparation spaces, etc.). In a small kitchen, it is possible to get enough light just from accent features, so consider your lighting arrangement carefully.

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