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Planning to Revamp Your Kitchen? Here Are 4 Questions to Ask Before You Start

In Ipswich and the surrounding areas, the most common place for a home renovation is still the kitchen. This is the room which most of us choose when we want to add value to our properties. Whether it’s because we spend a lot of time here or just because there are so many different design options, kitchen remodelling is big business.

It should be approached with care, however, because you are transforming quite a complex space. You’ve got more than just appliances to think about. In order to be safe and functional, most kitchens require very specific types of flooring, work surface, and décor. The aesthetic choices are varied, but you do want materials which are tough and easy to maintain.

To give you some ideas, this guide to all the things you need to know about kitchen remodelling will discuss key features.

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

While there’s a lot to be said about having realistic goals, you deserve a kitchen which looks and feels special. Bespoke interiors are very popular right now and much more affordable than you might think. So, it is entirely possible to create a kitchen which is unique to your tastes and preferences.

When it comes to working with a designer, you’ll have to find ways to make your ideas fit the space, budget, and resources. However, creative flair is definitely encouraged. At the moment, coloured cabinets, slimline appliances, and oversized floor tiles are all the rage. Just don’t forget to think about how you plan to use the space and what kind of needs it must fulfil.

Which Features Are Essential?

Your answer to this question will depend on what you usually do in the space. Not all homeowners in Ipswich spend a lot of time cooking in their kitchens. Even so, it’s nice to have a beautifully decorated room for entertaining friends and spending time with the family. In this case, there could be more of an emphasis on aesthetic.

If you have young children or pets though, practical design options are recommended. For instance, when picking out counter tops, look for materials which are durable and easy to clean. Your cabinets and appliances should have sturdy surfaces which won’t break easy or collect dirt and grime. It’s a matter of designing for your specific needs.

How Big Is Your Budget?

The great thing about bespoke kitchens is that they are shaped around you. There are materials, designs, features, and accessories out there to suit all budgets, so don’t limit yourself to low end options. One of the best examples is the clever ‘mimic’ industry which has grown up around things like kitchen flooring.

You might not have enough to splurge on natural stone, but you could invest in high quality imitation vinyl. This material is very affordable and it’s surprisingly difficult to tell that it’s not genuine, wood, stone, granite, or slate. The point is that you can find viable ways to incorporate almost any design dream, no matter how luxurious.

Do You Plan to Renovate In the Future?

Some homeowners are quite happy to admit to a certain fickleness and the need to renovate their kitchen every three to five years or so. The problem with this is that it can be very expensive, so most people try to design for longevity. The best way to do this is to invest in high quality materials wherever possible.

Things like wallpaper, tiles, faucets, and cabinet handles can all be changed without too much trouble, but inbuilt appliances, kitchen islands, and other big features are built to last. So, try to spend carefully in the right places. The goal should be to increase the value of your home, even if you don’t have plans to sell right now.

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