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Turning Up the Heat: The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends in 2017

Summer tends to be a very popular time for home renovations in Ipswich. It make sense, because the days are longer and you can spend more hours working on DIY and interior design projects. Plus, if you decide to work with a professional renovator, it is less likely that disruptions will be caused by the weather, school commitments, and winter budgets.

So, summer really is the perfect time for transformations. When it comes to designing bespoke kitchens, it is easy to find local vendors, manufacturers, and installers. In fact, one of the best options is hiring an ‘all in one’ service which can fit a beautiful, made to measure kitchen. The thing to remember about custom fit suites is that you can have anything you like.

This guide to the hottest kitchen design trends of 2017 will give you some serious renovation inspiration.

Colourful Cabinets

The traditional shades for kitchen cabinets are white, cream, and rich woody tones. This is slowly changing, however, as homeowners become more adventurous with their choices. Darker colours are growing in popularity, because black, charcoal, and navy blue cabinets provide a striking contrast to pristine white counters.

Splashes of Luxury

It is not just deeper, darker colours which are making a comeback. Luxurious shades, textures, and materials are being added to modern kitchens to create a distinct, nouveau riche vibe. It is elegance meets brassiness. It is over the top glamour coming together with strong, classic features. Think indulgent colours like ruby red, gold, and turquoise, but always in moderation.

Flat Panel Doors

At the moment, kitchens designs in Ipswich seem to be moving away from traditional shaker style doors and towards a much more minimalistic, smooth faced aesthetic. Storage solutions are taller and thinner. They are designed to look almost ‘invisible’ and blend in with the rest of the décor, so the handles and accessories are slim and subtle. Textured patterns, instead of detailing, adds interest.

Smaller Appliances

The rise of smart technology is transforming the way we behave in our kitchens. It is leading to smaller, sleeker appliances, because they are being run more efficiently. Already, it is possible to program your oven or kettle from a smartphone. You can turn on your microwave while you’re on the way home from the office. Slimline wall mounted fridges and built in steam ovens are set to become very popular, because they minimise effort.

Larger Tiles and Counters

One other trend is the preference for larger, one piece counters and tiles. Homeowners are opting for broader features and fixtures not only because they create a more seamless aesthetic, but also because they are easier to maintain. If you have a handful of oversized wall tiles, instead of lots of little ones, they will stay clean and shiny for longer.

High Quality Imitations

Our love for sneaky shortcuts has continued into 2017. For instance, you might not be able to afford that exquisite granite island that you’ve always wanted. However, you can invest in an imitation so good that nobody but you will ever know the difference. There are some incredible imitation laminates around right now. They offer the perfect look without the mighty expense.

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